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What are the different dress codes?

What are the different dress codes?

Tips for choosing a suitable outfit

Dress codes are an important guide for men to choose the right style in different situations. Whether formal or casual, choosing the right dress code can make the difference between a successful appearance and a fashion misjudgment. We present a variety of dress codes to help you express your individual style. Learn more about the different rules and get inspired by our tips on how to combine them.

The different dress codes at a glance

Business  - The epitome of elegance

The business dress code is an absolute must in professional environments. It conveys seriousness and elegance. For men, we recommend classic suits in conservative colors such as dark blue or gray. Combine them with a matching shirt and a stylish tie. Ladies can opt for chic pantsuits or elegant sheath dresses.

Casual - casual style for everyday life

The casual dress code allows for a relaxed yet stylish look. For men, well-fitting jeans or chinos in combination with a shirt or polo shirt are ideal. Complete the look with a matching belt and shoes. Ladies can go for comfortable pants, skirts or dresses and combine them with casual tops

Black Tie - The Touch of Glamour

For formal occasions such as galas or balls, the black tie dress code is essential. Gentlemen should wear an elegant tuxedo, combined with a tuxedo shirt and bow tie. Ladies can impress with floor-length evening gowns or chic cocktail dresses. Go for high-quality materials and stylish accessories to complete the glamorous look.

Smart casual  - the perfect balance

The smart casual dress code combines the best of both worlds - elegance and casual. Men can combine smart trousers or chinos with a shirt and a light jacket. Ladies have the option of wearing stylish pantsuits, chic dresses or skirts with a blouse. Experiment with colors and patterns to express your personal style.

Formal - Elegance for Special Occasions

The Formal Dress Code is expected for especially formal occasions such as weddings or important receptions. Gentlemen should wear a dark suit with a matching tie. Ladies can opt for elegant evening dresses or chic suits. Look for a good fit and high-quality materials to guarantee an elegant appearance.

Outfit ideas for different occasions

Formal occasions

Business occasions

Between business and casual

Casual occasions

Frequently asked questions

What is a business dress code?

A business dress code is a formal dress code used in professional settings such as offices or business meetings. It typically requires formal attire such as suits for men and suits or dresses for women. A neat appearance and conservative colors are often part of this dress code.

What clothing is recommended for a casual dress code?

A casual dress code is more relaxed than a formal dress code. For men, this may mean wearing jeans or chinos with a shirt or polo shirt. Ladies can choose a combination of comfortable pants or skirts with blouses, t-shirts or knitwear. It is important to dress appropriately while maintaining an informal and casual style.

What is the difference between a black tie dress code and a white tie dress code?

A black tie dress code is typically used for formal events such as galas or evening functions. Gentlemen should wear a tuxedo while ladies choose elegant evening dresses. A White Tie dress code is the most formal dress code and is often used for royal events or state banquets. Gentlemen wear tuxedos, while ladies choose floor-length ball gowns.

What clothing is appropriate for a "festive" dress code?

A festive dress code is typically used for formal occasions such as weddings or Christmas parties. For gentlemen, this may mean wearing a dark suit with a tie. Ladies can choose elegant dresses or fancy dresses. Festive colors and chic accessories are often part of this dress code.