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Alteration Service

Do you have problems with the standard measurements for shirts?

No problem with us. After selecting a shirt in our shop - no matter which brand - directly on the product detail page we offer the possibility to have it changed immediately with us.

1. Shorten the length of the sleeve - we will shorten your shirt according to your wishes in the sleeve length

2. Narrow the waist - the shirt is too wide? This is no problem - you can change this immediately - the waist will be narrowed (Caution, the shirt becomes narrower! This is not a service to add a fabric strip to make the shirt wider - this is not possible)

3. Shorten the length of the shirt - the shirt is too long for you? This can also be changed immediately - the shirt is shortened for you.

4. Change long sleeve to short sleeve - the shirt is only available as long sleeve shirt? No problem. If desired, you can also change this to get a short sleeve shirt.

How can I activate / use the alteration service?

1. First select your desired shirt, then choose the necessary size
2. Below the size selection, you will find the alteration service widget on each product detail page for shirts. Choose changes and then put the shirt in the basket.
3. Changes take about 2-3 working days extra.

Custom-made items, articles specially designed for you, articles which have been specially modified for you (alterations and embroideries) are exempted from the right of return and can neither be exchanged nor returned!