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Monogram embroidery

A service that goes beyond the usual offering of an onlineshop. If you are only interested in indivuidual, custom-made shirts, you will find them here at for the entire shirt-dress: color-coordinated (tone-in-tone) we embroider your monogram on your desired shirt or blouse.

Fonts for the monogram

Choose from 3 different fonts - Standard Arial, Cursive Writing or Classic Times

Arial (Standard) Schreibschrift Times (Klassisch)
Arial (standard) Writing (cursive) Times (classical)

Small letters and special characters can not be embeded in the monogram service.

Position of the monogram

You decide on the position of your personal monogram: Decorative on the breast pocket or exclusively on the sleeve cuff? No matter which type of writing and which position you choose you can be sure that a monogram makes your shirt or blouse a very elegant and personal piece of clothing, a unique one!

Following embroideries of your personal monogram are possible

• Embroidery on the left cuff

• Embroidery on the right cuff

• Embroidery on both cuffs

• Embroidery through the breast pocket by stitching through. The insertion width of the chest pocket is reduced by this. If the shirt does not have a chest pocket and you still chose this position the monogram is embroidered at the height of a breast pocket.

• Embroidery of the breast pocket - the high-quality design. Before embroidery the pocket is separated from the shirt. After the embroidery, the pocket is then re-sewn to its original position. The pocket is then fully available to you in the width.

• Embroidery of the hem

Embroidery is performed in color tone of the shirt. If you have a special request for the color of the embroidery then please let us know through a comment in the shopping cart. We would be happy to consider this for you! The delivery time for shirts with embroidery is extended by the monogram embroidery by approx. 2 - 3 working days.

Custom-made items, articles specially designed for you, articles which have been specially modified for you (changes and embroideries) are exempted from the right of revocation and can neither be exchanged nor returned!