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14 clothing tips for men with a belly

Are you a man with a belly? Don't worry. You are not alone. The difficulties you have in finding the right clothes are shared by many men. To help you out, here are 14 clothing tips for men with a belly. After reading this article, shopping will be much easier!

Clothing tip 1: Aim for the golden middle

Choose the right dress size. It sounds obvious, but many men make mistakes in two different ways. Either they know all too well that they have a belly and start buying clothes in sizes that are far too big. Or they do not yet realise that they have a belly and continue to wear clothes that are too small.

Don't wear too big a piece of clothing.

Focus on the golden mean. Not too small, but not too big either. You should feel comfortable with clothes. Choose clothes that give you shape, but at the same time hide your belly.

Clothing tip 2: Squeezing is tantalising

It is important that a garment has the right fit. This means that the clothes should be fitted. It should not be too wide, but not too tight either. Squeezing is called quälening.

If you wear clothes that are too tight, you are putting pressure on your clothes. Hold on to your hat, your knees may come off your shirt, and the zip on your waistcoat won't last long either.

No, tight-fitting clothes are not good for you, nor do they enhance your appearance. On the contrary, tight clothes accentuate your belly. Clothes for a man with a belly should fit, but not pinch.

So look at your clothes.

So face reality. It's no fun to admit that you need a bigger size, but if you want to hide your belly, it's better to buy clothes one size bigger.

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Clothing tip 3: Horizontal stripes are a death

Horizontal stripes work against men with a belly. Horizontal stripes make the belly look bigger. You want to avoid that. If you want to work with stripes, it is better to work with vertical stripes. Then you'll be one step ahead of your belly, and that's what you're doing it for, right? Go here for our huge selection of shirts with vertical stripes.

Clothing tip 4: Reach for the V-neck

The V-neck is your friend. Keep this in mind as a mnemonic. A V-neck elongates the neck. You may be wondering how this can be to your advantage? It is similar to the principle of horizontal stripes. With a V-neck you make yourself look longer. Because you look longer, there is less emphasis on your tummy.

Clothing tip 5: Be good friends with the tailor

Men with a belly sometimes have great difficulty finding the right dress size. A whole shopping day without a result is frustrating. A shirt that wrinkles, trousers that don't close properly or a shirt that shows your belly button. Don't worry about it. There is a craft from the Middle Ages that has not been lost: that of the tailor.

A tailor can make your clothes exactly to measure. He measures you, fits your clothes and in no time at all you have a perfectly fitting outfit. This is how you turn your misfits into well-fitting clothes. For the shirts in our shop, you can also use our alteration service and order the shortening of the sleeves or the shortening of the torso by the desired length simply and cheaply from our master tailor.

Clothing tip 6: Know how to deal with side seams

Do you know how to deal with side nähts? These are the ideal seams for men with a tummy line. Clothing with side seams is easy to adjust. This way you can easily adjust your clothes to your body size. Many shirts have seams on the back. These seams provide a tailored look. By removing the gussets, the shirt can be more comfortable.

Shirts with vertical stripes for men with belly

Clothing tip 7: Never skimp on quality

Skimping on quality is never good, whether you have a belly or not. If you have a tummy, it's important that the fabrics don't show through too much. Therefore, choose natural and sturdy fabrics. Synthetic clothes should stay on the racks, as should bulky fabrics.

Clothing Tip 8: Work with colours and layers

Men with a belly would do well to shift the focus from their belly to something else. A good way to do this is to "lighten up" your outfit. Wear different layers and colours. For example, think of a dark blue jumper with ochre trousers. This will "break" your figure and make you look less bulky. You can also complete your outfit with a jacket and tie. This creates layers that further enhance the "loosening up" effect.

Dress Tip 9: Don't wear shirts over trousers

It looks föformal to tuck your shirt into your trousers. As a man with a belly, it is a good idea to wear your shirts this way. A shirt that hangs over the trousers accentuates the belly. Also, there is a risk that the shirt will shoot up with every movement, revealing part of the belly. That doesn't look very elegant either.

Clothing tip 10: Choose the right trousers

Pants should make you look slimmer. Wide trouser legs are counterproductive, as are trousers with pockets, flaps or patch pockets. Straight-leg trousers with a smooth front will do justice to your figure

Stay away from pleated trousers. They only accentuate your tummy. This also applies to low-waisted trousers. When you wear low-waisted trousers, your belly hangs over the trousers. Do not wear high-waisted trousers either. Even though they hide the belly better, they look very kitschy. Here you can find the right trousers for your outfit.

Clothing tip 11: Stretch clothing is in

Stretch is very popular with many people. This is not üsurprising. Stretch is comfortable and fits your body type perfectly. Especially for men with a belly, stretch clothing is ideal. Stretch ensures that the clothing does not pinch. Now you know: squeezing is called quilting. Because stretch clothing adapts to your body shape, you have less fat hanging over your trousers and less fat on your back. This hides your belly and makes you look slimmer.

Tip: Make sure you buy stretch clothing in the right size. Clothes that are too small can't be stretched forever, even if they are made of stretch material.

Clothing tip 12: Denim is the right material

Denim is ideal for men with a belly. Denim is quite a robust material. It is so robust that it often does not wrinkle and does not show against the skin. Even if you are a bit more built, you will not suffer from wrinkles with jeans on your body. So be sure to buy denim trousers and denim jackets. Luckily, our shop is a real 'jeans land', so you have a great choice!

Here you'll find a great selection of jeans shirts and jeans trousers in our shop.

Clothing tip 13: Work with accessories

A nice men's bag, a smart tie, a cool pair of sunglasses, a pair of trendy shoes or a fashionable belt. There are a variety of accessories that will enhance your outfit. When you wear nice, eye-catching accessories, you shift the focus from your belly to your outfit.

So what are you waiting for? Look around and dress up with quality accessories. It shows that you care about how you look.

Clothing tip 14: Choose your blazers well

A blazer is a great piece of clothing as long as it matches your look. When choosing a blazer, opt for a single-breasted style. They look better on men with a belly than the double-breasted blazers.

The double-breasted blazers are characterised by a lot of fabric in the stomach area. Therefore, these blazers are nice for slim men, but less suitable for heavier men. In addition, the three switching surfaces can lead to a blocky appearance.

The longer blazers and jackets look particularly good on you. Try to work with lightweight materials as often as possible. Heavy fabrics will accentuate your strong build.

Clothing tips for men with a belly

So let's get out there...!
With fourteen fashion tips for men with a belly in mind, shopping is sure to get a lot easier. There are many things you can't do, but you can see the advantage in them. There are also many things you can have that don't look good on slim men at all.

In a nutshell, look for:

  • Clothing in the right size
  • Denim clothes
  • Clothes with vertical stripes
  • An outfit with colours and layers
  • If necessary, look for an alteration tailor