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The 8 best tips! for washing your shirt

Wash your shirt? In principle, every man has a nice shirt hanging in his wardrobe. But what people often don't know is that the shirt needs to be washed. How often should this be done and how should you wash a shirt? It seems like a simple question, but the moment you invest a lot of money in a shirt, you start to worry a little. Do I clean the shirt properly? How should I dry a shirt? And what is the best way to iron a shirt? To help the man in the shirt (and the woman), this article gives tips on washing shirts, from the moment they go into the washing machine to the moment they're back in the wardrobe. Are you curious about our best tips? Then read on!

The best tips for washing shirts

Tip 1: How should I wash a shirt for the first time?

When you wash the shirt for the first time, it is recommended that you first put it in a bowl of cold/hot water. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes. This way the shirt can get used to (cold) water and the colour of the shirt stays nice. Remember that cotton shirts still stain after being washed. Cotton shirts only stop discolouring after 10 washes.

Tip 2: How often should I wash my shirt?

The simple answer is: wash your shirt when it is dirty. Check if your shirts are still clean by looking at the inside of the collar and cuffs. This is often where the first sweat stains form.

Considering that clothes can take a certain number of washes over their lifetime, you tend to wash your shirt as infrequently as possible. Logical thought, but not very fresh. Therefore, it is best to wash your shirt when it is dirty. Of course, you can significantly reduce the number of times you wash your shirts by wearing a vest underneath. Vests protect your expensive, smart shirts from sweat stains.

Tip 3: How can I safely wash a shirt?

There are three ways to wash shirts to extend the life of your shirt.

Use less detergent when washing shirts. When washing shirts, use less detergent (without chlorine!) than recommended in cleaning brochures. Too much detergent will cause it to attack the clothes. It is better to use half the recommended amount of detergent for washing shirts.
Use a shirt wash bag. The second point when washing shirts is to use a laundry bag. These bags are available for a few euros. Such a laundry bag protects your shirt from other clothes.
Use a modern washing machine. Use a modern and safe washing machine. Many old washing machines have an agitator into which a shirt can fall. This can cause the shirt to tear or lose buttons.

Tip 4: Turn the shirt inside out

Turn the shirt inside out. Washing inside out ensures that the inside of the shirt spins against the spinning drum rather than the outside hitting it. This prevents slight damage to the outside of the shirt. The colour and quality of the shirt fabric will stay good and beautiful for longer.

Tip 5: Wash at the right temperatur

Wash dark-coloured shirts at a low temperature. Think 15 to 30 degrees. This way, the colour of the shirt will stay longer. Of course, make sure that no light-coloured shirts end up in the same wash. Then you won't have any light shirts after washing. Light shirts can be washed at a higher temperature.

Tip 6: Low spin cycle of the washing drum

Do not set the spin speed of the washing machine too high. This will prevent the shirt from bumping against the washing drum at high speed. This limits minor damage to the fabric and keeps the shirt beautiful and colourful for longer.

Tip 7: Drying the shirt on the clothesline

It is best not to put a shirt in the dryer after washing. Instead, it is better to hang the shirts to dry. When you hang shirts outside on the clothesline, they last longer and the shape of the shirt is better preserved. Be careful not to hang your shirts on tight clothes pegs or sharp hooks. These items can distort the fabric of your shirt. Only when the shirt is dry can you iron it.

Washing shirts correctly

Tip 8: How should I iron shirts?

Iron the shirt when it is still a little damp. If you iron a shirt that is still a little damp, it will last longer and the fabric will be better protected. Do not iron shirts at too high a temperature and do not hold the iron in one place for too long. This sounds old school, but it still often goes wrong. Hang up the shirt after you have ironed it. Hanging the shirt immediately will prevent creases.

Follow these tips and your shirts will last longer. Not only in colour, but also in quality and fit. Washing your shirts properly will save you a lot of money. You don't need new shirts all the time.

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