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Should I wear my shirt inside or outside my trousers?

Should you wear your shirt in your trousers or outside them? This is a question that every man regularly asks himself in front of the mirror and it is not always easy to answer. Whether you can wear your shirt loose or not depends not only on the type of shirt you want to wear. The occasion to which you want to wear the shirt is also crucial. The following basic rules can help you make the right choice. Curious? Then read on!

Wear shirts inside or over trousers?

Not sure whether to wear your shirt in or out of your trousers and have no idea? Then choose the safe solution and wear it in your trousers, this is the best solution in most situations. Of course, we are talking about a business or suit shirt, a casual shirt is more likely to be worn out of the trousers.

But that doesn't mean you know in which cases you can also wear a dress shirt out of trousers. To know this, you need to consider the following points:

Is a shirt made to be worn out of trousers?

You can easily determine this. You look at the bottom of the shirt and check the length and shape. If the hem is straight, as with polos and T-shirts, you can wear the shirt outside your trousers. If, on the other hand, the hem is uneven and the shirt pulls in the front and back, you should tuck it into your trousers.

Unfortunately, this is not always so easy. There are also shirts with a train that is longer in the front than in the back. And there are shirts with a straight hem that still look far too long to be worn out of trousers.

Don't worry too much about these types of shirts. Some men like their shirts in a certain style or wear them deliberately in a way that deviates from the general style rules. If you are not comfortable with this, you should not buy this type of shirt.

Wear a casual shirt over trousers

Is the shirt designed to be worn in or out of trousers?

If you buy a shirt with the intention of wearing it out of your trousers, then it should actually fit even better than a shirt that you wear inside your trousers. That's logical, too, because a loose-fitting shirt has to fit the body well, because you can't correct it by putting an extra piece of fabric in your trousers. Of course, this is never the ideal way to make a shirt fit, but it can be a stopgap solution for a shirt that doesn't fit well (anymore).

How can you tell if a shirt is suitable to be worn loose?

Does the shirt have a "pull"? Does the bottom hem of your shirt have a protruding track at the front and back? If so, it is meant to be worn tucked into trousers.

But what about all those hip teenagers or male models who seem to deliberately wear such a shirt out of their trousers? It's true that a shirt that comes out of your trousers can look sexy and casual if you take good care of your look. However, not many people get away with it. If you want to try it out, do it at a party and definitely not at a formal occasion.

The length of the shirt

A shirt should reach at least just above the waistband of your trousers so that it can be tucked in. Otherwise, you risk exposing a bare stomach to those around you every time you move. However, this does not mean that you should buy your shirts as long as possible. Look for a length between the waistband and the crotch. Some shirts are only long to the waistband, others are almost to the crotch, it depends a bit on the style of the shirt.

Circumference and chest measurement of the shirt

A casual shirt is almost always worn loose. In such shirts, the fit is not shortened around the waist. So that your shirt does not look like a balloon, it should therefore fit sufficiently tightly in the chest area. It is of course annoying that most shirts only come in sizes XS/S/M/L or XL. So you are really dependent on the size the manufacturer uses. Therefore, you often have to try on different shirts from different manufacturers to find the right size for you. Make sure the shirt is as tight as possible in the chest area, because if you wear it loose, it will always have some play here.

Shirt shoulders and sleeves

Just like in the chest area, shirts that are not worn tucked in should fit very well in the shoulders and arms. The reason for this is the same: your shirt is already loose around the hips, so make sure it is tight enough on the rest of your body to make a good impression.

Wear a casual shirt over trousers

Is the occasion suitable for taking the shirt out of the trousers?

That is for you to judge, as it is difficult to make a general recommendation. In companies where a shapeless look is desired, you can sometimes make do with a loose shirt; in most offices you will probably look out of place. When in doubt, always choose the shirt to go with the trousers, especially if it is worn for a more or less formal occasion.

When buying a shirt, do you already pay attention to whether you can wear it in or out of trousers? What do you prefer in your free time and in a professional environment?

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