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The advantages and disadvantages of non-iron shirts

Non-iron shirts. It sounds like a fairy tale, but they really do exist. Non-iron shirts are shirts that don't need to be ironed and that you can wear immediately after washing and drying. So leave the iron and ironing board in place and buy non-iron shirts in bulk. Right?

But there is a catch with non-iron shirts, or rather several. You should also consider the pitfalls. We'll go over the advantages of all non-iron shirts, but also the points you should look out for when buying non-iron shirts. After all, you want to enjoy good non-iron shirts.

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Obvious: non-iron shirts save work

It's either your time or your money. And thus a difficult decision, because which is more important to you? And how do you calculate the time and money involved? Besides, non-iron shirts are sometimes associated with cheap polyester pieces. And some non-ironed shirts have the misfortune of needing to be ironed.... What about it?

If you want to buy non-iron shirts, it's important to pay attention to the brand. Clothing brands like Brooks Brothers or Charles Tyrwhitt offer non-iron shirts that are actually not that non-iron. It's worth spending a little more money on quality non-iron shirts like Profuomo and Seidensticker, it's not a waste of money. These shirts are stylish, fashionable and stay wrinkle-free!

So when you buy non-iron shirts, pay attention to the reviews and what the clothing brand itself says about the non-iron shirts. When you buy genuine non-iron shirts, you save time and get good quality shirts in return.

Non-iron shirts stay wrinkle-free all day long

Non-iron shirts cost a pretty penny, but they deliver on their promise of being wrinkle-free. That is, if you buy genuine non-iron shirts. There are also non-iron shirts in circulation that need to be ironed from time to time. Another great advantage of non-iron shirts is that they are still tip-top at the end of the day, without wrinkles or creases.

For certain jobs, constant cooperation and working in the office is important. Shabby chic is no longer the desired look. A slightly overworked look around 5 o'clock is acceptable, but a wrinkled baggy shirt is not. Therefore, a wrinkle-free shirt is the solution for long and intense workdays.

Non-iron shirts are cost-effective depending on your lifestyle

It takes about 5 minutes to iron a shirt. Most people do this for free. However, if you outsource it, it will cost you about 20 per hour. If you convert this into an hour per shirt, you pay about €3 for each time the shirt is ironed by someone else. Only then do you have to consider the cost of washing, drying, hanging and cleaning up. The cost of washing, drying, hanging and tidying your shirt is about £2. In total, it costs about £5 per time to wash, dry and iron a shirt.

The extra cost of a non-iron shirt will pay for itself after a few months if you wash it every week. A shirt today lasts for 2 years. After 2 years, the collar is frayed. With non-iron shirts you win back your time and money.

It is different if you iron the shirts yourself. The savings are then less easy to calculate and unfortunately also less high. At least, it depends on how you look at it. You can look at it in terms of time and money (very quantitative), but also in terms of quality of time, and if you are considering a non-iron shirt, you should take into account what you would like to do in your spare time. What would you do in your free time if you didn't have to iron? Would you go for a walk outside, take your kids to the playground or watch a movie? You weigh up quality time and time spent with your non-iron shirts. Which is more valuable to you?

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Non-iron shirts are not 100% neutral

Non-iron shirts are supposed to be stiff in fabric. However, the non-iron shirts receive a chemical bath so that the cotton does not feel stiff but soft and breathable. Sounds dangerous for people and the environment, but it is believed that non-iron shirts can only cause a mild reaction in allergy sufferers.

We do a lot with dangerous goods today. We use micro ovens, eat non-organic food and clean our homes with strong detergents. The non-iron shirt is nothing compared to what we usually do.

Would you buy non-iron shirts?

Now that you know all the pros and cons of non-iron shirts, you have the choice of what you find important.

Assuming you don't have a problem with the shirts being chemically made, are non-iron shirts worth your money if:

  • You invest money in genuine non-iron shirts that fit, are made of quality fabric and don't look cheap.
  • Your time and money will pay off over time.
  • You hate ironing. You don't like ironing? Then non-iron shirts are just what you need. All the free time you get is pure quality time for you.
  • So will you be buying non-iron shirts?

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