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How to wear a polo shirt correctly?

The polo shirt is one of those typical garments for summer. And although we in the Netherlands and Belgium don't always reach summer temperatures in the hottest season of the year, there are many days or weeks when it really is too hot to wear a shirt. Of course, sometimes you can't avoid the shirt in the office, but when you leave the workplace, it's okay to choose a lighter outfit. Want to know more about polo shirts? Then read on!

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One problem that many men have in summer is that they have trouble finding the balance. Tasteful and stylish don't seem to go together for some men when the temperature is above 25°. Fortunately, there is a good solution: the polo or polo shirt. It is one of the most elegant casual shirts and, above all, a very versatile piece that belongs in every man's wardrobe.

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Which style should you choose for your polo shirt?

Heatwave - the one week when temperatures climb above 30° even in the Netherlands, you can finally take off your shorts. Your polo shirts for this kind of heatwave are naturally the lightest models, made of breathable fabric and in a light colour.

If your shorts are already a neutral, solid colour, you can choose a more playful polo shirt. A polo shirt with patterns or prints, for example. This way you make your look less boring, you get a sportier but still stylish look.

The Lacoste polo shirts in our online shop follow the same trends as most polo shirt brands. Particularly popular again at the moment are the 1970s-inspired patterns (chevron stripes, floral motifs and pin dots). This style combines well with espadrilles, boat shoes or sandals.

Polo shirt as a substitute for a shirt

It's still not recommended for the workplace, but polo shirts are perfect for balmy summer evenings or parties where a slightly formal style is desired. So swap your long-sleeved oxford button-down for a polo shirt on such occasions. Dressing for summer can be so simple. Go for a slightly darker polo shirt for these occasions - it often looks better than overly bright colours, especially for evening events.

How you complete the look is up to you. You can go for the casual look by letting the polo shirt hang out of your trousers and wearing a pair of simple but understated trainers or a pair of suede loafers with it.

How to wear polo shirts correctly?

Also decisive for polo shirts - the right fit and sleeve length

Passionate shirt buyers know that a shirt only looks perfect if the fit matches the figure and the sleeve length matches the length of the arms. Otherwise, even the most elegant shirt will quickly look inappropriate. There are also different fits for polo shirts and we advise every man to make sure that the cut of the polo shirt fits his figure. As with shirts, there are polo shirts with a straight cut (usually called comfort fit or regular fit) for strong men, slightly waisted polo shirts (modern fit or casual fit), which also forgive a small belly bulge, and waisted slim fit polo shirts for slim men.

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Whiter than white

Perfect for everyone who loves tennis, of course. But also for anyone who wants to look good on the hottest days of the year and still maintain a certain class. A classic white polo shirt is just the thing. However, avoid polo shirts with numbers and logos printed on them. You may want to look sporty, but not like you just came from a cricket match, right?

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Of course, there are also men who have a rather pale complexion by themselves. In such a case, it is not advisable to dress too white. You would only get a very boring look. Try another neutral colour, such as light beige or pastel colours like sky blue or mint green. They create a stronger contrast with your skin tone and get a much sharper look.

Sporty luxury

A polo shirt gives you a sportier look than any other shirt anyway. This is because the polo shirt was originally designed for tennis players (and only polo players!). To emphasise the sporty look, you can complement your polo shirt with a light bomber jacket and tailored twill or linen jogging trousers. Another option is to wear black three-quarter length trousers with a pair of nice white leather or canvas trainers.

Dressed up with a polo shirt

Even without a waistcoat, you can make an elegant impression with a polo shirt. For less formal occasions, you can wear the polo shirt without a blazer, which still gives you an elegant and well-dressed look.

Of course, a plain-coloured polo shirt will also do here, but especially for social occasions you can feel free to experiment a little more. Why not go for printed motifs, for example? Or opt for a polo shirt made of high-quality material such as merino wool.

It is recommended that you button the polo shirt all the way up, even on the hottest days, otherwise you will look too casual. If you are the athletic type and have well-toned abs and pecs, you can also tuck your shirt into your trousers. This way you can better show off your beautiful V-shape.

As for shoes, this look can go all out. Choose leather or suede oxfords, derbies or loafers.

How do you know if a polo shirt fits you well?

There are a few basic rules that you can use to check whether a polo shirt fits you well or not. The sleeves of a polo shirt should never be too long, because this creates a scarecrow effect. The ideal sleeve length reaches to the middle of your chest when you let your arms hang down your body.
The bottom hem of the shirt should reach to the middle of the zip of the trousers. The collar around the neck should also be perfect: too big and it looks like you have a thin neck, too tight and it looks like you have a thick head. Find the right balance!
If you have taken these three points into consideration when buying your polo shirt or any other shirt you haven't worn for a while, you can be sure that the shirt is comfortable and the right size for you.

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Polo shirts in summer: endless possibilities

The styles described above in which you can wear a polo shirt are, of course, only the most familiar ones. If you want to experiment, the possibilities are endless. Try a few classic combinations first, and you'll soon discover what else is possible. The beauty of it is that polo shirts can be combined with many items of clothing that you probably already have in your wardrobe.

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