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Shirts from Einhorn at businesshemden. com

Quality features of the unicorn shirt.

The aim of the shirt manufacturer Einhorn is to use the finest fabrics for our unicorn shirts, in which the design and the brilliance of the colour are in the foreground and the noble appearance is at first sight eye-catching. Of course, this is also in conflict with the demands of the market for a shirt that is as non-iron as possible. Natural fibres breathe, cool or warm, transport moisture optimally, are skin-friendly, permeable to air and easy to care for.

By using as little treatment as necessary, the best result is achieved for skin tolerance and wearing comfort, without having to forego the necessary care properties. That's why our share of Easy Care and Easy Care qualities within the collection is still relatively high, because we attach great importance to the best starting materials. Supporting quality teams at suppliers and local producers also play an important role. But to look good in a shirt it takes more than that: with every design, the focus is also on the cut of the model. Care must be taken to ensure that the width, length, shoulder width and arm ball progression are adapted to the contours of the wearer's shirt. The collar is the elegant finishing touch and the crowning glory of any unicorn shirt. Here skill and craftsmanship become visible.

Avoid selected and suitable insoles, so that it does not lose its shape after a short time. The Shirtmaker since 1924 The EINHORN brand stands for tradition and quality in shirt and has been a household name in the men's clothing sector for decades. Since its foundation in 1924, by the Zeeb and Hornung families in Kirchentellinsfurt near Tübingen in Swabia, EINHORN has been consistently and consistently expanding its core competence in the men's shirt sector. You take care of what has proved its worth and regularly surprise with new fabrics and designs. Asoni SA has taken over the Einhorn brand, including personnel, office and production facilities. The plant will remain in Germany as before. The acquisition will support the Einhorn brand, but will continue to operate independently under the name of Asoni SA.